Introducing Cloud based IP Litigation Discovery
Nov 03, 2010

With the benefits of Cloud Computing, there is a cheaper and better way to handle IP Litigation Discovery.
Here’s how it works: A “golden” or master copy of the IP is first placed in a secure IP repository -- making it virtually impossible to copy or pirate. The IP owner is allowed to add and/or update the IP. The Secure Inspecting Stations can then be used by multiple inspecting parties to browse, view, and inspect the contents simultaneously anytime, anywhere – eliminating expensive network connections and the cost of travel. The IP is fully protected during transport and only authorized parties can inspect the IP.


What are the advantages?

- Allows the choice of in-office or remote secure inspection of the IP.
- Eliminates need for dedicated, expensive network connections.
- Protects the rights of both the IP owner and inspecting parties.
- Eliminates the risk of shipping IP on systems via couriers.
- Eliminates the risk of losing IP via the “Trusted Exchange” method.
- Eliminates the risk of having the IP on physical systems used by the inspectors.
- IP can be securely hosted by Producing Party or a Trusted Third Party (Escrow Agent).

Learn more about our Cloud based IP Litigaton Discovery solution or contact us today. 

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