Vault vs. Vault
Feb 08, 2011

Have you recently evaluated the cost vs. value of your current software escrow storage?


With today's technology, the equivalent of 40+ software deposits can be stored in a 1 inch, 8+GB USB Flash Drive.
With most Escrow Agents using physical vaults, they are hopeful that you are concerned about features like:


Concrete vs. steel vaults, 24 hour video surveillance, temperature control, magnetic shielding, non-water based fire suppression systems, humidity control, continuous armed security guards, Bank vaults vs. private vaults, Bar coding, etc.   
Do these features make it easier to make and or get access to deposits?
Are the features increasing the cost of your Escrow agreement?
Are your Escrow Agents in need of a major upgrade to stay current?
Are these features relevant to securing source code?
Are these features of value to you?


Have you considered a change to "Digital" Vaults for your Escrow Deposits?

With Digital Vaults you have:
    * Secure digital access to them on the cloud (Private or Public).
    * Compliance and the ability to keep up with the highest digital security standards (SAS70 Level II, Encryption, Disaster Recovery, SSL, etc.) without additional costs.
    * Significant cost savings over physical vaults.
    * Direct synchronization of the source code with the deposit in the vault.
    * Version control features that keep track of what has changed and when it was changed.
    * A single vault to hold all the revisions of the application.
    * Contents reporting anytime the Escrow deposit is updated.
    * Elimination of additional costs and management overhead having to deal with features like Portals, FTP Servers, etc.

Let us help you get your Escrow agent to start migrating from Physical Vaults to Digital Vaults today so you can start enjoying the cost savings and increased functionality.

Contact us to start your journey to go digital with Chaperon Secure(tm) Vaulted Repository.

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