Protect your clients Escrow from today’s cloud computing pitfalls
Nov 16, 2009

Your clients may be unaware that they are in the path of the perfect storm. Today’s massive economic crisis has collided with the allure of new software delivery models, putting many businesses at risk. 

Delivery models like cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) are here to stay. In fact, Gartner says the SaaS market is expected to more than double, with revenue reaching $14.8 billion in 2012.  These models’ promises of lower cost ownership and quicker time to deployment are certainly attractive to any business. 

But, add today’s economic climate to the mix and those promises are quickly broken. Rampant vendor consolidation, mergers, business insolvencies, contractual issues, and business disagreements can result in the loss of application functionality and access to all of your client’s proprietary data. As we all know, this can happen whether you’re working with start-ups or industry leaders. 


That’s why Forrester analyst Liz Herbert advises companies to make sure their legal team is “involved in SaaS negotiations as SaaS contracts today are more like marriages than experimental flings.”
Software escrow can protect your clients from this storm – as long as the escrow technology takes the cloud computing/SaaS paradigm into account. According to a recent ThinkStrategies white paper, “This means employing escrow services that can not only store and secure valuable source code, but also continuously track changes, allow inspection of the real-time version of the source code and ultimately ensure that the source code can be built into an up-to-date, working version of the software.”
Chaperon Secure Active Escrow technology can help protect your clients from today’s cloud computing pitfalls. This patent-pending technology allows your client and its software provider to set up a secure, central repository for source code and mission-critical data that can be updated regularly and in real time. Version control features keep track of changes and give your client the ability to roll forward or backward to the version of their choice. Plus, detailed content and activity reports give all parties an accurate view of repository functions. 

To learn more about how this technology can help protect your clients, check out our website or contact us today [] for a free consultation. We look forward to explaining how our technology can help your clients weather the perfect storm. 

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  1. If you or your clients are concerned about the state of your current escrow deposits, contact us InnovaSafe Inc. for a Free Technology Escrow Consultation.


    Our IP-Ensure Escrow Solutions give owners/licensors and developers/licensees the opportunity to interact in real time with IP without having to move it. The IP-Ensure Escrow is active and up-to-date and eliminates the need to wait for shipment of code via couriers or lengthy downloads from FTP sites. The IP-Ensure Inspecting Station then allows for multiple authorized parties to inspect the protected code simultaneously from multiple geographic locations — eliminating the cost of travel and expensive network connections. Our solutions are a win-win for all!


    InnovaSafe is a worldwide leader in intellectual property risk management solutions, including technology escrow, software and hardware verification, and carrier grade remote co-location disaster recovery.


    John Stulman
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    InnovaSafe Inc. · Nov 19, 06:42 PM

  2. NCC Group can protect your organization’s investment in information technology with Escrow, Assurance Testing (Verification and Penetration), and Secure Access solutions.


    Organizations are increasingly dependent on a wide range of crucial assets which they do not own or control. As a trusted advisor to over 45,000 clients, NCC Group advocates a proactive approach to managing our clients’ information technology investments.


    Our Secure Vault Suite comprises of unique solutions that extend the functionality of Escrowed Intellectual Property. We provide Active Escrow Repository that allows for “real-time” deposits into an Escrow account and produces sophisticated reports detailing the additions and changes to a source code repository.


    We collaborate with you, scoping out projects, advising on best practices, securing the investments through intelligent solutions, and assuring ongoing efficient operations of these systems through active account management and monitoring. Call us for a  free assessment of your organization’s risk profile.


    NCC Group will assure that your organization mitigates your risk of third party vendor failure, ensuring you realize the full value of your investment in technology.

    Sangeeta Sastry,
    Phone: (408) 441-4660 x103

    NCC Group (US) · Nov 19, 07:17 PM

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