How do you stop IP Theft Google Style?
Aug 09, 2010

You may have heard Google's Source Code IP was compromised late last year. It was a big deal and there were lots of speculation on the consequences. Their China offices were closed, complaints were lodged with the Chinese government, there was a lot of activity. 


Now six months later, you must be wondering what is Google doing to stop IP theft?


Suprisingly the proposed solution is pretty simple, stop using the software that was compromised to access the IP. In this case, there are rumors of Google ditching Windows. The FT article reports that "Employees wanting to stay on Windows required clearance from “quite senior levels”, one employee said. “Getting a new Windows machine now requires CIO approval,”


The article also says "Windows is known for being more vulnerable to attacks by hackers and more susceptible to computer viruses than other operating systems. The greater number of attacks on Windows has much to do with its prevalence, which has made it a bigger target for attackers.


Google has their own operation system (Chrome) to use, not an option for majority of software developers Windows remains the most popular operating system in the world by a large margin, with various versions accounting for more than 80 per cent of installations, according to research firm Net Applications. 


So how do you plan to protect your IP? Follow Google's lead?


Or do you need to protect IP in your current environment or can you afford to change platforms to keep your IP safe.


What if this next platform gets compromised? Do you keep moving? Can you afford to?



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