e-Discovery of Documents/email vs. Source Code
Sep 14, 2010

What is the Difference between e-Discovery of Complex Digital Asset vs. Regular Digital assets (documents and email)?

Short Answer: There is no difference!

But, execution of e‐Discovery of documents & emails is far more difficult and expensive due to:
 - Volume and Complexity of the data
 - Cost of production and inspection

First, what do we mean by “Complex Digital Assets”?
These are digital assets that are multi dimensional, meaning these assets have inherent relationships with other digital assets within the same file or data set.  An example for such asset is a “live” spreadsheet where there could be formulas in specific cells that obtain its value based on a calculation involving multiple cells. Another example are CAD drawings or source code files, both of these have a complex structures that cannot be represented by a static representation by a simply “freezing” and printing the file (or converting the file to a PDF) .

During e-Discovery, the expert may need to interact with the actual digital assets in their native form (e.g: a CAD drawing in a CAD application or Source Code in a fully functional programming environment) so the expert can navigate and follow the components that make up the assets without having to recreate it from scratch. At other times, the expert might need to simulate “what-if” scenarios, which can easily be done within the native environment that generated the complex digital asset.  
Data interaction and “what if” scenarios cannot be accomplished with a “Regular or Static Assets” such as a PDF file.

As the world becomes more “Digital” so does the volume of digital data that goes to make up Intellectual Property. As the complexity of the data increases so does the cost of discovery using traditional methods.

If your case requires e-Discovery of complex digital assets such as source code, engineering drawings, live spreadsheets (with formulas), databases and other proprietary digital assets look to Chaperon for Secure Inspecting Solutions that reduce cost while protecting your IP.

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