Is source code theft still a problem?
Dec 01, 2010

In the world of SaaS and Cloud Computing, Is source code relevant? Is it still getting stolen?

The answer is YES!

With companies moving to a flexible workforce (work-from-home, off-shore team, partners, etc.), stealing source code is as easy as emailing it to yourself or to your friends’ private email address, copying and pasting it onto a USB thumb drive/ MP3 Music Player, or posting onto the cloud/website to retrieve later. The capabilities to steal source code have been simplified with the ongoing advances in technology.

Has the technology advances made is easier to stop source code theft?

The answer is mixed: Yes, in cases where workers interact with the source code under the IP owners companies IT control. There are technologies and solutions like DRM (Digital Rights Management), IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) and IDS (Intrusion Detection System that monitor networks and systems for activities that violate the company’s policies. This does prevent the leaks as long as there is an IT staff member monitoring all the alarms and acting upon them on a timely basis. But there is still the risk of not seeing a real alarm in a sea of “False Negatives”.

In cases of remote and at home workers, these DRM, IPS and IDS don’t work as well. The system is connected via a local ISP or partners remote network allowing the worker the ability to copy-cut-paste the source code from the corporate network to a local file, email or thumb drive.

So how can you prevent loss or souvenir taking at all times?  The answer is using a product like Chaperon Secure™ Development Environment which isolates and encapsulates the source code and tools used to create or interact with it. The source code is not accessible outside the secure environment (system and operating environment), allowing the workers to securely interact with the source, to create, de-bug, compile, etc., without being able to keep souvenirs of it.

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How do you stop IP Theft Google Style?
Aug 09, 2010

You may have heard Google's Source Code IP was compromised late last year. It was a big deal and there were lots of speculation on the consequences. Their China offices were closed, complaints were lodged with the Chinese government, there was a lot of activity. 


Now six months later, you must be wondering what is Google doing to stop IP theft?


Suprisingly the proposed solution is pretty simple, stop using the software that was compromised to access the IP. In this case, there are rumors of Google ditching Windows. The FT article reports that "Employees wanting to stay on Windows required clearance from “quite senior levels”, one employee said. “Getting a new Windows machine now requires CIO approval,”


The article also says "Windows is known for being more vulnerable to attacks by hackers and more susceptible to computer viruses than other operating systems. The greater number of attacks on Windows has much to do with its prevalence, which has made it a bigger target for attackers.


Google has their own operation system (Chrome) to use, not an option for majority of software developers Windows remains the most popular operating system in the world by a large margin, with various versions accounting for more than 80 per cent of installations, according to research firm Net Applications. 


So how do you plan to protect your IP? Follow Google's lead?


Or do you need to protect IP in your current environment or can you afford to change platforms to keep your IP safe.


What if this next platform gets compromised? Do you keep moving? Can you afford to?



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Chaperon LLC. partners with Iron Mountain Digital
Jun 09, 2010

Chaperon customers will now have the option to secure their digital IP with Iron Mountain Digital, the world's leading provider of information management services for data protection and recovery, archiving, eDiscovery and intellectual property management.


Chaperon’s initial offering will allow:


Given Iron Mountain’s focus on security, privacy, scale, access and cost-savings, their Archive Services Platform goes beyond standard cloud computing by delivering:


The Iron Mountain IP Archival Option is now available directly from Chaperon and through Chaperon’s approved delivery partners.

For additional details, visit:

Iron Mountain


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Intellectual Property is an emerging target. Don’t become tomorrow’s headline!
Feb 19, 2010

Stories of targeted attacks on IP continue to bombard the news.

“A hack attack that targeted Google in December also hit 33 other companies, including financial institutions and defense contractors, and was aimed at stealing source code from the companies, say security researchers at iDefense.”
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“The scope of this is much larger than anybody has every conveyed,” says Kevin Mandia, CEO and president of Virginia-based computer security and forensic firm Mandiant. “There [are] not 50 companies compromised. There are thousands of companies compromised. Actively, right now.”
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“If you’re a law firm and you’re doing business in places like China, it’s so probable you’re compromised and it’s very probable there’s not much you can do about it,” Mandia says.
More at:

And this is nothing new….

More than one-third (34 percent) of U.S. companies in a recent survey* said they had investigated a violation of data protection regulations or privacy in the past year. More than one-third also said customer data was exposed or stolen, and 28 percent said they had been hit by exposure or theft of their intellectual property.

Are you concerned about your exposure? Let us help you start the journey to make sure that you don’t becomes tomorrow’s headlines.

To learn more about how Chaperon solutions can help protect you or your clients, check out our website or Contact us for a free consultation.



* Proofpoint's "Outbound Email and Data Loss Prevention in Today's Enterprise" survey.

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Today’s Corporate Darwinism puts IP at risk
Jan 04, 2010

There has never been a clearer example of Corporate Darwinism than today’s economy. And there is no end in sight. The winners in this evolutionary process are not necessarily the strongest or the fastest, but rather those that can most effectively adapt to new circumstances.

To adapt, businesses need to quickly figure out how to outsource, off-shore, and virtualize the workforce to cut costs and find top expertise and talent within the global resource pool. These same businesses need to find new ways to work with each other and customers via distributed tools like software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing.

This “survival of the fittest” atmosphere is posing serious threats to digital security. Company-sensitive information is exposed, leading to more copying, piracy, and theft. And the risk of losing vital software Intellectual Property (IP) has never been higher. The loss of these vital digital assets can mean the loss of a competitive advantage or even the loss of their business.

More than one-third (34 percent) of U.S. companies in a recent survey said they had suffered from the leakage of sensitive or embarrassing data in the past 12 months. Forty-three percent said they had investigated a suspected leak of sensitive data via email, and 34 percent had investigated a violation of data protection regulations or privacy in the past year. More than one-third said customer data was exposed or stolen, and 28 percent said they had been hit by exposure or theft of their intellectual property(1).

In July 2009, a Former Goldman Sachs computer programmer was arrested and charged with stealing codes related to a high-speed trading program that he helped develop. In March 2008, a former Motorola software engineer was stopped at O'Hare airport before boarding a one-way flight to Beijing with more than 30 compact data storage devices containing stolen files with $600 million worth of corporate secrets. Those thefts are reminders that almost every modern organization has some IP subject to attack and theft.

A 2009 Purdue University Krannert School of Management study concluded that, “Business failures, mass layoffs, decimated markets and a poor economic outlook will lead to a vastly increased number of financially desperate current employees and laid-off staff stealing valuable corporate information, both for financial gain and to improve their job opportunities.” In fact, forty-two percent of the study respondents said that laid-off employees are the biggest threat to their companies during this economic crisis.

Companies are clamoring for a solution that will allow them to adapt to this new economic landscape. Today, businesses are foregoing critical opportunities, incurring significant costs for proprietary solutions OR they are exposing their software IP and company-critical information. Businesses need a solution that helps protect their IP when developing software, during due diligence, in M&A cycles, during IP litigation, and within software escrow.


Chaperon’s patent-pending software security solutions provide protection for IP (source code) – no matter where it travels or who is working on it. Chaperon encapsulates and isolates IP at all times with an audit trail so it cannot be compromised:


Chaperon solutions can be implemented on the cloud, as software-as-a-service (SaaS), or within an internal IT infrastructure. We offer cost-effective solutions with a quick, scalable process to set up and add users. And our “always on” solutions create minimal impact, i.e., they impose no special requirements on users’ toolsets or productivity.

Chaperon solutions are known for helping companies:

To learn more about how this technology can help protect your clients, check out our website or contact us today for a free consultation.


(1) Proofpoint: "Outbound Email and Data Loss Prevention in Today's Enterprise" survey.

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Is insider threat real?
Dec 09, 2009

Insider threats are very real!  Why is it that once a total stranger is hired at your company, you now have complete trust in that person? Just because a person is now called an employee does not mean he now has loyalty to your organization and would do nothing to hurt it. We do not want to be so paranoid that your company cannot function, but a healthy dose of paranoia is good. Security expert Dr. Eric Cole, Ph.D., tells us that the average monetary loss of cases he works on is estimated at $350 million yearly. Insider threat is happening, and the sooner organizations identify the problem, the easier it is to fix. Chaperon technology can help ease your paranoia with tools to track and eliminate many insider threat activities.

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Ex-Ford Engineer Indicted for Allegedly Stealing Company Secrets.
Jul 28, 2009

Yet another major corporation may have been the victim of one of its own stealing trade secrets: A former Ford Motor engineer has been indicted for allegedly stealing thousands of sensitive documents from the company and copying them onto a USB drive before taking a job with another auto company.
This could be have been avoided if the Ford had deployed a Chaperon technology solution. To protect your IP, visit or contact today.

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