Shaffiq Kotadia – CSO Wayne Hill – Operations

Board Members & Advisors

Ashif Dhanani Bert Stjernholm David Hacker – Europe Dean Kemp Enayet Jiwani Scott Oetting

Bert Stjernholm
Bert has been involved with Spyder Active Sports since 1997-- first as CFO and COO and most recently as Senior Financial Advisor. Spyder Active Sports is a designer, manufacturer, and seller of high-performance ski apparel. During Bert's tenure, Spyder has grown from $10 million in worldwide revenue to $115 million. Bert was responsible for guiding the financial affairs of the company during this period including budgeting, bank financing, and the establishment of Spyder's European subsidiary. Spyder is now the market leader in skiing apparel and enjoys one of the highest EBITDA percentages in the sporting apparel industry.

Prior to Spyder, Bert spent 19 years in the banking industry, primarily in commercial loans and management. His last position at Bank One Colorado was as Executive Vice President in charge of all lending for the Boulder County, Colorado operation. He was responsible for more than 60 employees and a $700 million loan portfolio.

In between Bert's banking and Spyder careers, he spent over two years in the U.S. Peace Corps successfully completing a tour as a business advisor in Central Europe.

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