Shaffiq Kotadia – CSO Wayne Hill – Operations

Board Members & Advisors

Ashif Dhanani Bert Stjernholm David Hacker – Europe Dean Kemp Enayet Jiwani Scott Oetting

David Hacker – Advisor (European Market)
Joining Chaperon from a strategic marketing, product, and global business development background, David has spent the past 20 years in various strategic director level roles both in the USA and Europe. This experience derived primarily in the semiconductor equipment sector with industry leaders such as Applied Materials, Varian Semiconductor Equipment, Tokyo Electron, and Brooks Automation.

Starting from a theoretical chemistry degree, David early development was in education, manufacturing and engineering
which provided a solid foundation for a transition into microelectronic design and development. He completed the move to the semiconductor industry by being recruited into the equipment segment in 1987, marking the starting point for a career in sales
and marketing. The transition, initially at the pan-European level, swiftly changed to a series of global responsibilities that have characterized this entire period. It included the establishing of legal entities of US-based companies both within Europe and Japan and assisting in growing organizations in those territories. These actions lead to assuming global leadership roles based in Boston, Mass., prior to returning to the UK in 2003.

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Customer Quote
"I believe in Chaperon’s innovation – so much that I invested my funds in the company!”

- Tony Siress, CEO & Co-Founder, YOUnite, Inc. – Identity & Privacy Management Solutions
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