Shaffiq Kotadia – CSO Wayne Hill – Operations

Board Members & Advisors

Ashif Dhanani Bert Stjernholm David Hacker – Europe Dean Kemp Enayet Jiwani Scott Oetting

Dean Kemp, Board Member
Mr. Kemp graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He brings 25 years of broadly based IT experience helping provide synergies between Marketing, Engineering and Sales. Mr. Kemp’s career began as a Software Developer in the Financial and CAD sectors. He then was employed at Sun Microsystems for 20 years, holding a variety of positions, including Systems Engineer, Support Manager, Engineering Manager, Product Marketing, Product Architect and Business Development Manager. After Sun, Mr. Kemp joined TrekLogic Advanced Solutions as VP of Business Development.

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Customer Quote
"I believe in Chaperon’s innovation – so much that I invested my funds in the company!”

- Tony Siress, CEO & Co-Founder, YOUnite, Inc. – Identity & Privacy Management Solutions
World Without Chaperon
U.S. Attorney General Gonzales says IP theft convictions jumped 57% last year.
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