Shaffiq Kotadia – CSO Wayne Hill – Operations

Board Members & Advisors

Ashif Dhanani Bert Stjernholm David Hacker – Europe Dean Kemp Enayet Jiwani Scott Oetting

Shaffiq Kotadia, CSO
A computer infrastructure and security specialist, Shaffiq is experienced in the reorganization of Information Technology infrastructure, increasing employee and technology productivity, technology reliability, and IT cost savings. With a strong reputation for improving IT service delivery to user communities, Shaffiq was a Director and President of The Dolphin  Project Inc., an  information technology  consulting firm located in Calgary,  Alberta, since 1990.  Shaffiq graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics/geophysics.

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Customer Quote
"I believe in Chaperon’s innovation – so much that I invested my funds in the company!”

- Tony Siress, CEO & Co-Founder, YOUnite, Inc. – Identity & Privacy Management Solutions
World Without Chaperon
U.S. Attorney General Gonzales says IP theft convictions jumped 57% last year.
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