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Chaperon Secure Transport

Chaperon Secured Development/Collaboration Environment (CSDE) is a full-featured  environment that makes it virtually impossible to copy or pirate your IP — from creation and transport to storage and retrieval. Source code is fully protected during shipment and transport within the secure environment. More

The Chaperon Secure Inspecting Station can be used to browse, view, and inspect source code Intellectual Property (IP) in a Chaperon Active Source Code Escrow. The IP owner is allowed to add and/or update the source code while allowing multiple parties to inspect the code simultaneously from multiple geographic locations -- eliminating the cost of travel or expensive network connections. More

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Take a look at our Chaperon Secure Source Code Inspecting Station for Due Diligence, M&A, QA, Litigation and Project Sizing/Scoping data sheet.
Chaperon offers full portfolio of professional services to help protect your IP.
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