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Chaperon Secure Transport

Chaperon Secure Transport uses unique, patent-pending technology to protect your valuable source code Intellectual Property (IP) during transport. The technology inserts your Intellectual Property (IP) into a tamper-proof digital container that can then be transported via any media. A Chaperon transport control module is used on both the sender’s and receiver’s sides to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks. Chaperon Secure Transport can secure any digital asset for sending. This technology is ideal for transporting entire projects between remote sites.

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World Without Chaperon
Top 4 e-Crimes in 2007:
27% - Unauthorized access to/use of information
24% - Theft of Intellectual Property
23% - Theft of other information (financial, customer records)
4% - Fraud (Credit card, etc.)
(CSO Magazine (09/11/2007), Survey of 671 Security Executives)