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Chaperon Secure Transport

This solution, a joint development project with, allows owners of source code Intellectual Property (IP) to securely set up a central or distributed repository that can be updated regularly and in real time. It’s ideal for companies that rely on distributed and/or outsourced software development teams, but insist on the highest level of protection for their source code IP. Contents of the repository cannot be accessed, copied, viewed, and/or downloaded without express authorization from the owner. The source code owner can cloak or un-cloak the centralized or distributed source code repositories to control access to their source code. Source code owners also receive detailed content and activity reports, offering an accurate, up-to-date view of repository contents. This unique, patent-pending technology can be easily deployed, moved, duplicated and archived as business conditions dictate.

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World Without Chaperon
McKinsey estimates that by 2010, the U.S. IT industry will save $390 billion through offshore outsourcing of software development. But it also opens up new channels of industrial espionage.
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